Changes to iWantAStrap shipping

October 09, 2020

Changes to iWantAStrap shipping

For the past 4 years, iWantAStrap has been doing free worldwide delivery with a courier (shall not be named) which historically has a bad reputation for being really slow and unreliable. 

In order to serve you better, iWantAStrap has decided to ship our straps with DHL eCommerce. 

We believe that by partnering with DHL, we will be able to provide efficient and reliable shipping and tracking to YOU, our beloved customers.

We have tested covering the full cost of DHL Packet Plus and Parcel International Direct and we find that it is not viable nor sustainable.

As such, we have decided to add a USD5 for shipping worldwide with tracking via email from DHL.

However, we will still be offering free shipping for purchases of two or more straps.

We understand that some of you might be upset with these changes but i assure you that we will make it up with great products and also excellent customer service.

More on the shipping can be found here.

We hope you understand our considerations and the tough decisions we have decided upon.

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