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The giveaway on Reddit was a success!

Hey guys!

The recent giveaway on Reddit was a huge success(to me at least)!

There were just so many amazing watches in the responses that i wished i could see my sailcloth straps on! I certainly had a lot of fun reading through every single one of the submissions.

iWantAStrap is a little bummed out that we cant send every single one of the commenters a strap haha

I really really believe that my Sailcloth straps will be a hit with the winners and i hope that they will share pictures of the strap on their amazing watches with me and Reddit once they have received it

Initially, I planned to give away 3 straps, but as the submissions came in, I caved in and offered to pick 5 winners instead!

Alas, here are the 5 winners for the giveaway!

  • /u/tylersburden
  • /u/HeyItsJay
  • /u/mefuzzy
  • /u/Lechite
  • /u/goong_pow

Stay tuned as we will have more promotions, giveaways and maybe even a loyalty program of sorts

I'm totally learning and trying things out as i go, so feel free to let me know if you have any cool ideas you would like to see! Either in the comments below OR via email (:


If you would like to see what sort of submissions were there in the thread, head over to


  • Just ordered a 22mm with gray stitching. Would like to order 20mm and 22mm with black stitching. Do you know when they will be available? Thank you

    Richard Brown
  • Clement,
    thank you for sending my strap out so quickly. The quality is almost perfection. I really enjoy the strap. I will post a picture of my IWC as soon as i get the strap swapped. Thank you. Please post this comment so that more people can enjoy your workmanship. I will be purchasing more straps soon. P.S. is there a plan to integrate different color bands in the future? Should you add different color straps, Iwantastrap will be a Giant. Again thank you Clement. Best wishes Jim M.

    Jim Moran

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