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Aevum Timepieces

Recently i had the privilege to get to know Bryan from Aevum time and managed to get my hands on a silver dial Apex. I cant help but be amazed at the quality:price ratio that Aevum is bringing to the watch scene.

The Apex is a racetrack/petrolhead themed watch that personally i feel homages the Hamilton PanEurop but also has key differences that makes it unique in its own right.

Aevum Time offers a Black dial and a Silver dialed version and i personally think that both looks really amazing!

I purchased the silver dialed version directly from him because i thought it will be a nice change to all the dull and darker dialed watches that i own.

I will definitely do a small and short review soon so stay tuned!

If you want to find out more, you can head over to Aevum Times website at