iWantAStrap SS Button Deployant Clasp

Buckle Size

SET PRICING: Add this with any sailcloth or leather strap and pay only $14.99 for this product! *Applies automatically at checkout.

A deployant clasp is a great way to protect your straps from wear and tear due to daily use. It also gives your watch a more refined and 'finished' look.

The Button Deployant Clasp is solid Stainless Steel and feels really good on the wrist!

Furthermore, with the button deployant clasp, just one firm press and the strap is released, it's really convenient!

The new variant of this deployant clasp features a new circular locking mechanism that feels robust and secure.

Available in 18mm or 20mm.

*Do note that the sailcloth/leather straps tapers from the lug to the buckle, so: 

  • a 20mm Sailcloth/leather strap will need an 18mm Button Deployant Clasp 
  • a 22mm Sailcloth/leather strap will need a 20mm Button Deployant Clasp

*16mm deployant clasp is not available