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Blue Stitch Sailcloth Patterned Strap

Blue Stitch Sailcloth Patterned Strap

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The sailcloth patterned strap is the perfect strap for any sports watch. Its durable stamped Nylon sailcloth style coupled with its quick drying properties makes this strap the "go-to" strap for many watch enthusiast who wants to spice up their strap game.

The Blue x Black sailcloth strap are one of iWantAStrap's bestsellers and for a great reason. It just complements any blue accented watch and give the watch a whole new look! Sporty enough for summer and also cool enough for daily wear. 


  • Heavy padding makes this strap look and feel rugged and yet very flexible and comfortable.
  • Comes with a beautiful Stainless Steel brushed/polished buckle
  • The strap is 11cm long on the 'hole' side and 7.5cm long on the buckle side
  • Quick drying Sailcloth Strap

We don't offer colored sailcloth or custom sized sailcloth straps at the moment!